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Spousal support, sometimes referred to as alimony, is to provide for the receiving spouse and to ensure that they have the ability to maintain their standard of living. Alimony can be temporary, rehabilitative, or permanent. When alimony is established, the amount of each payment, due dates, and the length of time that alimony will be paid is determined. Alimony can be a lump sum, paid for a specific time period, or can be until death or the remarriage of the receiving spouse.

How Can We Help with Spousal Support?

Unlike child support, alimony is not mandated. Alimony, to put it mildly, is a very contested area of family law for which you need an experienced lawyer. We analyze and prepare documentations of financial earnings, savings, employment contributions, and future earning potential. When you hire the Gossman Law Firm, LLC, you get an attorney who is invested in your future.

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Our lawyer, Richelle H. Gossman, deals with the unique challenges of divorce and alimony on a daily basis, and her extensive experience is an invaluable addition during the negotiation and trial procedures. At Gossman Law Firm, LLC, we help divorcing couples across Birmingham craft a spousal support arrangement that is appropriate and sustainable to your situation.

In general, spousal support arrangements an alimony are influenced by:

Length of the marriage
Earning potential of each spouse
Spousal contributions to the household
Actions and causes leading to the divorce
Age, physical health, and ability
Education and employment history

For help reaching a spousal support settlement of your own, talk to a family lawyer at Gossman Law Firm, LLC. The initial consultation is free, and we offer an array of flexible payment plans. Get a Birmingham family lawyer on your side and we can get the results you need!

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