Securing a Restraining Order

Protection Against Domestic Abuse & More in Birmingham

Restraining orders offer protection when there is a threat of domestic abuse or danger from a spouse or partner. Restraining orders can be issued for any number of reasons, and protect the victim from all contact or communication from the abuser. In the context of divorce, a restraining order can provide a barrier of protection against a dangerous and abusive spouse.

An Alabama protection order can:

  • Order the Defendant to stay away from the home, school, and workplace
  • Order the Defendant to vacate residence shared with the victim
  • Award temporary custody of children to the victim
  • Order limited or no or contact with children
  • Order no disposing or selling of property
  • Requirements to cover legal fees

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A restraining order can give protection to a person trying to separate themselves from a hostile and potentially dangerous spouse, ex-spouse, or partner. If you feel threatened by your husband or wife, or boyfriend, talk to us about what a restraining order can and cannot do. To get that conversation started, contact a Birmingham family lawyer at Gossman Law Firm, LLC to schedule a free consultation.

Once an order of protection is issued, any violation of the specified provisions can result in an arrest and trial. Restraining orders provide protection not only to the victim, but also to children and household members. The maximum penalty for the willful violation of a protection order in the state of Alabama is one year in prison and a $6,000 fine. Restraining orders are valid for the duration specified even if the victim moves to a new state.

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