The Importance of Hiring an Attorney

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There are a number of reasons why people can be reluctant to hire an attorney when they find themselves in a challenging legal situation. When someone is arrested or charged with a crime, it is obvious that they need an attorney. But divorce and custody issues are less clear, and many times a person in a divorce is also facing a financial crisis.

Consultation with an attorney initially is always prudent, and may serve to be the most important decision you make in this matter. Gossman Law Firm, LLC does not charge for initial consultations, and we can help you evaluate your case. Alabama family law is very complex, and even lawyers who have practiced law for years can make critical errors if they are not familiar with Alabama family law. NOT having a lawyer can be a mistake that you cannot later overcome.

A competent family law attorney can help you:

  • Navigate complicated legal requirements
  • Correctly file necessary forms and applications
  • Avoid common legal pitfalls
  • Negotiate a settlement
  • Eliminate stress

Start your case by filling out a free case evaluation to get personalized advice.

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Securing the services of an attorney can be a valuable investment. If you need a lawyer in Birmingham or throughout the State of Alabama, Gossman Law Firm, LLC is a good place to start. We offer free initial consultations so you can get to know us without having to make a commitment, and our payment plans are convenient and affordable.

From beginning to end, you can depend upon us for personalized attention and professional representation. When needed, we're available for evening and weekend appointments to ensure that we are there to meet your needs. Our flat rate uncontested divorce fee of $249 plus filing fees is an affordable and helpful option.

Whatever your legal needs are, contact a Birmingham attorney from Gossman Law Firm, LLC. We're here for you at (205) 402-8808!

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