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Understanding Legal Separation In Alabama

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Considering legal separation? It is a worthwhile route to take. Some couples choose to live separately but continue to stay married for a variety of reasons. Understandably, divorce is a weighty decision to make. It may not always be the right solution for each couple’s situation. Sometimes, it is due to religion or ethical reasons, and other times it could be due to financial circumstances, health insurance, and simply just personal preference. For example, to obtain Social Security benefits, tax benefits or benefits for spouses in the military, a couple will need to be married for 10 years. Some couples choose to legally separate for perspective on what life may be like if they do eventually choose to divorce.

Preparing For The Court Process

Usually, the process for filing for legal separation begins with the courts. Having a Birmingham divorce lawyer assist you through each phase is vital. Not only do you want to ensure that all of your paperwork is completed promptly, error-free and by the specified deadlines, but also that your legal rights are preserved. When considering your legal separation petition, the following criteria must be met:

  • The legal requirements have been met to dissolve the marriage.
  • There is no chance of reconciliation between the spouses.
  • The courts have already entered decrees for custody and child support.

Another added benefit of legal separation versus divorce is that there are no waiting periods. To file for divorce, you will need to wait a period of 30 days from the date of filing. Keep in mind that the agreements you choose to file in your legal separation may also be carried over to your divorce agreements. Make certain you agree with and can live with those terms before deciding on divorce.

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