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4 Things To Resolve To Do This Year If You Are In The Midst Of A Divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2017 | Firm News |

Now that the new year is in full swing, it is time to think about what you really want to accomplish in 2017. If you and your spouse are in the midst of a divorce, it is important to set straightforward goals for yourself. You do not want another year to go by with that hanging over your head. At Gossman Law Firm, LLC, we make it our mission to help clients throughout Birmingham to deal with their divorce in a way that keeps your best interests at heart. By following these simple pieces of advice, we hope to be able to save you any extra headaches and help inspire you to make some powerful decisions during your divorce.

  1. Resolve to be done with your divorce this year: This may seem like a simple choice and perhaps even common sense to some, but in many cases, a divorce can drag out months and months longer than it really has to. The duration of your divorce process is largely contingent on whether or not you and your spouse can come to conclusive decisions about your property, custody, spousal support, child support, and other major issues. If it seems like you are running around in circles, maybe it is important to take a step back and make sure you both want the same thing.
  2. Make updates to your estate plan: If you have a will, trust or insurance policy, it will be important to revamp those documents after your divorce. Typically, you will need to name a new executor of your will, you will need to name powers of attorney and update beneficiary designations.
  3. Be cooperative with your spouse, especially when it comes to your kids: If you have any children with your soon-to-be-ex, it is important to be a bit flexible with them, especially when it comes to the well-being of your kids. Think of your children’s best interests and make sure that you are both at major milestone events, no matter the level of conflict the two of you may be experiencing. Try to focus on your children for those events instead of your own discomfort or tension that may exist between you and your spouse.
  4. Get a financial expert to look at your divorce: Before you finalize anything, it may be a good idea to have someone who knows exactly what to look for and who understands your financial goals to look at your divorce paperwork. You will want to have someone who is knowledgeable regarding divorce-related finances to review everything.

Whether you are just starting the divorce process or you are almost on the other side of it, try to remain positive. Keep negative thoughts and feelings about your spouse to yourself, and try to focus on how you can better yourself during this time. By resolving to finish your divorce this year, be cooperative, and to be responsible with the financial aspect of things, you can walk through the legal process feeling more at ease.

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