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How To Prevent Cyberbullying: For Parents

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Bullying is nothing new to most of us. We have either experienced it firsthand, seen it happen to others or heard terrible stories about it through secondhand accounts. However, cyberbullying is still a relatively new and fast-growing problem in today’s modern society. For those who have children, this new form of attack should be something you are acutely aware of. Here is what you need to know about preventative measures you can take against cyberbullying:

  1. Help strengthen your children’s confidence: By promoting a healthy self-esteem and encouraging your children to find activities they enjoy and can be proud of, you will reduce their chance of being picked on. They will also be better able to shrug off any bullying if someone does pick on them.
  2. Make sure they know you are there for them to confide in: Your children need to be certain that they can tell you anything without fear of an overreaction on your part. If they feel they can safely confide in you, they will turn to you when necessary.
  3. Monitor their online activities: The online world is vast and endless, so you should always know when and where your children are going online. This will help avoid trouble.
  4. Limit their screen time: Limiting your children’s online activities will mean they get to engage in real life with friends and family, which will also minimize the risk of being cyberbullied.
  5. Know who is on their friends list: Social networking is everywhere and anyone can have access to it, so you should always be aware of who your children are networking with. Do they actually know these people?
  6. Teach your children how to block and report cyberbullies: Actions have consequences, so teach your children how they can address the actions of cyberbullies, whether by blocking the bully or reporting them.
  7. Teach your children to ignore cyberbullies: Getting involved in a back and forth online fight is not the way to go. Teach your children to never respond to this kind of aggressive online behavior.

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