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Mediation may speed up the divorce process

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2020 | Divorce |

Couples divorcing in Alabama face many stressful issues. Even if the judge does not order mediation, using the service can help speed up the divorce process. The service can also help resolve contested issues outside of court.

Mediate.com recommends choosing mediation during divorce because the mediator is unbiased. By not siding with either spouse, a mediator can help reduce the stress levels of the divorce for both parties. Mediators, when successful, can help lower the overall costs of divorce.

Spouses can arrive at a consensus faster. For couples fighting over children, a mediator can help create an agreement that focuses more on the children. When both parties agree on a plan, it can aid the family as a whole moving forward after the divorce finalizes.

Equitable Mediation states that the process started with the ancient Greeks around 533 A.D. Couples can take advantage of this age-old dispute resolution to help create a parenting plan that both parties can agree on. Divide assets, liabilities and property in a more peaceful manner.

For those who can come to an agreement during mediation, both parties are more likely to adhere to those agreements. However, mediation does not always work for all couples. The process requires both parties to willingly work together to resolve issues in a transparent way.

The mediator helps the parties negotiate until they agree on the decision. A spouse who does not want to reveal all relevant data in a truthful manner will stall the mediation process. Both parties can rest assured that the mediator maintains their confidentiality regardless of how successful the outcomes.