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How can you stay amicable during a custody battle?

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2020 | Divorce |

In a contested or less than amicable divorce, child custody can create even more complications. It can be difficult to see beyond your personal feelings. Unfortunately, bickering and custody battles can negatively impact the children involved. 

To adhere to your children’s needs, Huffington Post explains that you need to ensure that children are not stuck in the middle. 

Do not weaponize child custody 

In some cases, you may have an upper hand in a child custody case. In a contested divorce, it can be tempting to play that card against your spouse. For the sake of your children, custody arrangements should remain fair and reasonable. 

Be reasonable and objective 

It can be difficult to stay objective during a divorce. Emotions can be volatile. A third party can help you stay neutral. If you cannot find common ground, a mediator may be able to assist in finding common ground. 

Try to stay reasonable. When it comes to a parenting schedule, you need to remain objective and reasonable about the parenting time you ask for. If you want to have your children for all major holidays, think about how you would feel on the other side of the request. Would you want to give up all holidays? Do not expect the same of your spouse. 

Consider your child’s feelings 

You may be in a contested divorce, but your children are not. If your children are in the middle of a custody war, they may feel like they are in a tug of war battle. Try to put yourself in your children’s’ shoes. They most likely only want to feel stable and loved.