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How to handle the holidays as co-parents

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2022 | Child Custody And Support |

The holidays can be one of the most challenging things to agree about as divorced parents. Days such as Thanksgiving or Christmas carry so much significance that just giving up the opportunity to spend them with your kids may be difficult.

You shouldn’t have to spend the holidays debating how to spend time with your child. Here are a few ways you might resolve the situation:

Talk to your children to see what they want

Maybe your child has always hated spending Christmas at your mom’s house. If this is the case, you may consider asking your child what they want to do for the holiday, especially if you know they enjoy Christmas with the other side of the family. You may still need to ask your co-parent if your child can choose how to spend the holidays. 

Don’t be afraid to use it as an opportunity to create new traditions

If you are not into Thanksgiving, maybe you could escape it all by taking your child away for a vacation. This could be the start of a new tradition. You’d likely need to arrange this with your child’s other parent (or a court) to ensure you’re not stepping on long-held traditions.

Sit down and discuss it with your ex

Your ex will undoubtedly have their preferences too. For example, they may hate Thanksgiving but love Christmas, and you are the opposite. You may consider letting them spend Christmas with the kids, and you get Thanksgiving instead.

There’s a lot to consider when determining how you will share custody during the holiday. Getting legal guidance could reduce the chance you overlook something.