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Why mediate your divorce?

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2023 | Family Law Mediation |

Mediation offers an alternative way to handle your divorce. While not appropriate in all circumstances, for many people, it is a much better option than taking things to court.

Why is that?

It could save you time, stress and money

You only end mediation when you reach a compromise that you are prepared to accept, so, in theory, you can continue for a long time. Yet, in practice, most couples reach a decision fairly quickly. This is because reaching a compromise is the whole focus of mediation. 

Compare that to litigation, where you enter to win. As the other person will also enter litigation to win, things can become drawn out, increasing the financial cost. It will probably also increase the ill feeling between you and the emotional weariness and hurt you will leave with. That could be problematic enough if you do not have children, and if you do, it could seriously harm your chances of being able to work well together as co-parents to raise your children. The conflict will also harm your children, who still love you both

Mediation brings a qualified and neutral mediator on board to help 

They can bring you back to a middle path if one of you starts to stray, helping you both stay focused on completing the various tasks you need to end your marriage.

Few couples find divorce easy, so it is worth considering anything that could make it easier. Mediation cannot change the fact that divorcing will require you to make some extremely difficult decisions, but it can make doing so simpler. It will also allow you to make those decisions rather than a judge who does not know your needs.

Consider legal help to understand if mediation could be right for your divorce.