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Though no two family law matters are the same, there are common questions asked regarding divorce in Alabama. Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about divorce.

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What Are Sufficient Grounds For Divorce In Alabama?

The state of Alabama does not grant a “no fault divorce,” but a divorce can be granted on grounds of “incompatibility” or because of an “irretrievable breakdown.” There are a total of twenty-three grounds for divorce, including abandonment, adultery, drunkenness, etc.; however, most uncontested divorces simply claim incompatibility or irretrievable breakdown and do not fault either person.

What Is A Mediated Divorce?

Divorce mediation is a process in which a neutral third party oversees the negotiation process to help the parties reach a settlement. If the parties negotiate and sign an agreement, no trial is necessary and the parties do not need to go to court. Not only can mediation save significant amounts of time and money but also can provide a foundation for more civil relations as the parties move forward.

Do I Have To Hire An Attorney To File For Divorce?

No, you can file for a divorce in Alabama without hiring an attorney. However, not having a lawyer can actually cost you more time and money than what it is worth. Many unexpected legal issues arise, and extensive documentation must be detailed and very specific.

A divorce lawyer can help you negotiate:

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How Is Marital Property Divided In A Divorce?

In a divorce, Alabama divides marital property (property that is subject to division) equitably. This means that a court will allocate property based on what is fair and reasonable, not 50/50. When making the determination, the court will examine various factors and strive to ensure the final division is fair and equitable.

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