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Legal Options For Victims Of Domestic Violence In Alabama

Victims of domestic violence often find themselves lost without any idea of what to do. Fortunately, there are options available. When you are the victim of domestic violence, you have several options available to protect you and your loved ones:

Obtain An Order Of Protection

The first and most commonly pursued option is to request and obtain an order of protection, otherwise known as a “restraining order.” You can initially request a temporary restraining order to grant you temporary protection, and once your case progresses further, the restraining order can be made more permanent.

Request Sole Custody

When the domestic abuser is also a parent, it’s important to keep your children protected from them as well. This means you can temporarily request sole custody of your children. During the course of your legal case with your abuser, you can make this claim to custody permanent, which severely limits the other parent’s opportunity to further abuse and deal more physical and emotional damage to your children.

Separate Yourself

When you are involved in a relationship with an abuser, whether a marriage, cohabitation or domestic partnership, the most important thing you should do is cut the legal ties of your relationship in order to protect yourself in the future.

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Help From A Skilled Birmingham Family Law Attorney

Attorney Richelle Gossman, with Gossman Law Firm, LLC, recognizes the importance of acting quickly when you have been the victim of domestic violence. With over 15 years of experience, she knows the law. Whether you need help requesting an order of protection or need help with custody issues, she is here to protect your interests.

Getting away from an abuser can be a terrifying risk but you have rights. Legal options are available to protect you.

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