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Changing the Terms of a Child Support or Divorce Arrangement

If a change needs to be made after a final divorce decree, you can petition the court to modify the final judgment. The modification process can allow for changes in situations such as custody, visitation, and child support. Though the law allows for modifications, such an action requires a careful analysis of the changes, preparation of documents and evidence, and proper court pleadings. This is where an experienced Birmingham family law attorney can help you succeed.

Modifications for Child Support

Gossman Law Firm, LLC helps families in Alabama get modifications when needed. If you need to alter the terms of a child support agreement order after a divorce, we can help. Whether you need to increase the amount of child support that you receive or if your circumstances have changed and you need to pay modify your current payment, we can help you petition the court for a modification. After a final judgment, to petition to modify begins a new case, and we represent you during the entire case.

There are many reasons for a child support modification including:

  • Change of custody
  • Change in income
  • Medical emergency and health
  • Loss of employment
  • Change in child's needs
  • Changes in circumstances

In the state of Alabama, the Department of Human Resources (DHR) may assist parties in collecting past due child support and modifications. If DHR has filed a contempt action against you, we will represent you, and answer the summons and file counterclaims for you when appropriate. We can assist you in resolving arrearages, becoming current in child support, and requesting modifications in future child support payments as necessary.

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Get Our Attorney on Your Side

If you are considering filing a petition for modification but are confused by the process or unsure about the merits of your case, Gossman Law Firm, LLC is just a phone call away. The initial consultation is free, giving you the chance to familiarize yourself with the laws and to have your questions answered before committing to a legal action. Should you decide to proceed with a petition for modification, we can help you prepare the necessary paperwork, evidence, and documents. The sooner you call, the sooner we can help.

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Attorney Gossman exemplifies the meaning of compassion. That along with her keen expertise in the courtroom is why I would call Ms. Gossman when I am in need of a family attorney! N.
Richelle is a awesome person. My family and I absolutely love her. We have used her for many years. She is always available and is always giving us updates about our case. We recommend her a 100 %. She is amazing and she always looking out for the best interest for her clients. A.