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Negative Phrases That may Result in Divorce

Posted by Gossman Law Firm, LLC || 25-Oct-2016

When it comes to maintain a happy marriage, one of the factors is knowing what to say and how to properly communicate with your spouse. According several marriage counselors, there are certain negative phrases that could signal a divorce in the imminent future.

The following are phrases a marriage couple should avoid to prevent fights or even a divorce:

  • “I hate when you do that.” When you put your spouse down in front of family and friends, not only does it make everyone involved uncomfortable, but it can dissolve trust. When someone does this, it is an attempt to gather other against your spouse, which can result in resentment in the marriage.

  • “You shouldn’t feel that way.” Whether you are marriage or not, having someone tell you how you should feel is annoying. There’s no right and wrong when it comes to conveying feelings, no matter how they are expressed. Instead of dismissing your spouse with an ambiguous statement like that, attempt to understand how or why he or she is feeling that way.

  • “You never do the dishes. They always just sit there.” In all honesty, it doesn’t have to be the dishes. Accusatory terms always result in an argument or fight. Nothing is ever so clear-cut, so telling your spouse that they are always late or always thinking about himself or herself can’t be the right statement.

  • “You’re a horrible husband, father, mother, wife.” Insults derived from family or occupational roles are often devastating, since these roles are very important. When they are questioned, those one the receiving end of the insult will feel completely torn down, and it becomes very difficult to forget such statements.

If you’ve had enough of these and other harmful phrases and are considering divorce, contact Gossman Law Firm, LLC today and request an initial consultation.

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