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Is this a valid reason to change child custody?

On Behalf of | Feb 13, 2020 | Divorce |

When parents in Alabama split up, they make child custody arrangements. But the decision does not have to last forever. The courts understand that circumstances change with time. It is possible that the arrangement that works for you now may not work in the future. Today we will look at some valid reasons to ask for a modification.

VeryWell Family looks into a few of the top reasons to request a child custody modification. Some of them are straight-forward. For example, what if one of the parents passes away? They are no longer involved in custody arrangements. The same is true if a parent makes a long-distance move. Courts will examine why they did this. They will check if parents have made attempts to work out visitation arrangements. In some cases, they may rule that it is too improbable to expect a physical visitation schedule to work.

Trouble in one parent’s home may be grounds for modification. Is your child in immediate danger? If your child is at risk and expresses a desire to leave, courts may grant them this. As long as the new arrangement works in the child’s best interest, courts are likely to approve.

Finally, you can request a modification if your ex-spouse refuses to honor the current one. This can mean protesting in the form of not showing up for visits. It can mean they are not prepared to receive a child over the weekends. Whatever the case, keep track of how many times it happens. If it is a recurring problem, the court may change custody arrangements.