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What are the top causes of divorce in the U.S.? 

On Behalf of | Feb 18, 2023 | Divorce |

If you ask people, why they think couples get divorced, they will probably bring up extramarital affairs first. And there’s a reason for this, as some sources claim that this is the top reason for divorce in the United States. When an affair happens, it is fairly common for the couple to break up and have no way to mend those bridges.

That being said, you likely know many couples who got divorced without either individual engaging in infidelity. What are some of the other types of things that cause divorce cases in the U.S.?

Financial trouble

Financial stress is a big indicator of the stability of a marriage. When the stress gets to be too great, it can certainly lead to divorce. This is especially true if only one person is responsible for most of that stress. That’s why divorces are common after a job loss, for instance, or when someone has an expensive addiction.

Endless conflict

In some cases, couples just can’t seem to stop arguing or disagreeing. Marriage is often about compromise. When both people will not or cannot compromise, they may find that they have no option other than splitting up. The stress that this constant conflict causes becomes too much to live with.

Poor communication

Finally, communication between two spouses can break down over time. When they don’t talk about what they want or the troubles they have in the relationship, a lot of little factors can begin to add up. Eventually, all of these little things are enough to cause a divorce.

Couples who are getting divorced need to make sure they know about all of their legal options to divide property, time with the children and much more.