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Why Should You Choose Divorce Mediation?

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2020 | Firm News |

Going through a divorce is usually an incredibly challenging, complex and emotional experience. It is difficult to navigate and can bring up many negative thoughts and feelings. But there is an alternative.

Many people have found that a mediated divorce can mitigate some of the negative aspects of the process. There are a variety of benefits to this divorce alternative that may help you and your situation.

The Benefits Of Mediation

Compared to a more traditional, litigated divorce, mediation has several benefits including:

  •          Less expensive – mediated divorces don’t have as many costs which can decrease the overall expense of a divorce
  •         Faster — litigated divorce can take anywhere from nine months to two years, whereas mediation streamlines the process with less dispute and more effective decision-making
  •          More control – many people favor mediation over litigation because they are more in control of the process. Divorce mediators guide you through the process, but ultimately, you are in charge of the decisions and resolutions.
  •          Less stressful and contentious – mediated divorces are designed to reduce conflict. A mediator can help you communicate more clearly and walk you through options and discussions. In many cases, this means that the stress of conflict that often comes with divorce is decreased or even completely gone.
  •          Protects relationships – similarly, a decrease in conflict can help you preserve some kind of positive relationship between you and your spouse. This is especially important for parents, as co-parenting can be more effective when starting on a positive note. The reduction in conflict that comes with mediation can also help protect the emotional and mental state of your children.

These are just a few of the potential benefits people find when opting for a mediated divorce.

Every couple’s situation is unique with its own set of circumstances, but a mediated divorce can provide a variety of benefits to most couples going through divorce by decreasing conflict and increasing your control, while saving time and money.