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3 custody mistakes to avoid during divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2022 | Child Custody And Support |

Child custody matters are often contentious during a divorce. Making sure your children have what they need is critical. 

Parents make a few mistakes that can mean the adjustment into life between two homes is more difficult for the kids. Avoiding these could mean a smoother transition for everyone involved. 

1. Making children choose

Children shouldn’t have to choose between parents. Be sure you encourage their relationship with your ex and all their family members. Allow them to talk about their time with the other parent without being judgmental or getting upset. 

2. Using kids as messengers

Never try to pass messages back and forth between the children. When kids are asked to relay messages, there’s a chance for the information to be relayed incorrectly. This could lead to issues that cause major problems between you and your ex regarding parenting. Instead, communicate directly with your ex, even if you have to do this via a written or monitored method. 

3. Failing to pay attention to the child’s needs

Children won’t always speak up to tell you what they need. Instead, you may have to watch their behavior to determine if there are things that they need now. It may help for you to have other adults keeping an eye on them when you aren’t around.

Setting up the parenting plan must be a priority when you’re going through a divorce and have children. Always ensure this is set up based on what’s best for the kids. Creative solutions can often help you to get challenges handled. Working with someone familiar with your circumstances and aware of custody options can be beneficial and reduce stress.