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Alabama Courts strive to divide property equitably during a divorce. An equitable property division is one that is fair, and it is not based on an equal split, or who holds a title or deed. Rather, each person has an interest in any marital property, and an equitable division is one that is fair and reasonable. This process can be very difficult and complex, especially if one or both spouses fail to cooperate, or if a party attempts to hide assets as a means of keeping them out of the settlement.

At the Gossman Law Firm, LLC, we will work closely with you and help you assess your options during the property division process. Divorce and family law attorney Richelle Gossman will help you consider some of the facts that the court will use before making a final decision, such as current and future earning potential, health and age, duration of the marriage, and contributions to the acquisition of marital property.

Protect Your Marital Property

Marital property includes all property acquired by either or both parties during the marriage, regardless of the form in which title is held, and subject to the exceptions below. Generally, all but the following are considered joint marital property:

  • Anything individually owned before the marriage
  • Anything excluded by a valid prenuptial agreement
  • Anything received by gift or inheritance
  • Anything received in a personal injury settlement

Gossman Law Firm, LLC, brings valuable insight and experience to the negotiation process. Where possible, we’ll keep you out of the courtroom by using alternative divorce methods. If that is not possible, we provide you with the representation you need. We offer skilled guidance through your property division issues and help our clients protect their property and assets.

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